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Travel with a Special Needs Sister

by: Faith Coyne

In Morocco

“Since May of 2015, my mom, my sister Grace with Down syndrome and I have been backpacking around the world together. The three of us sold our home in the US with the goal of helping Grace be more active by walking and being more involved in community. It was years prior to leaving the United States that my mom and I saw a decline in my sister Grace’s health. At one point, Grace stopped doing anything for herself. She had severely regressed, and we lacked a solution to address it. Through travel, Grace has come into a lifestyle that routinely gets her outside, exercising, and meeting new people. It provides her with regular stimulation and various activities to challenge her a little every day. Almost seven years in and we are still seeing the benefits of travel and are grateful for all the things Grace can do!”

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel with member of the family with special needs? Here goes: 

Walking with Grace has been the greatest secret to traveling. Read more: 

In New Zealand