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The ultimate Wheelxhair Accessible Tampa Florida Travel Guide

by: Alexandra Nava-Baltimore

The world-renowned Corey Lee, creator of the travel blog Curb Free, aims to showcase his travel experiences and what travel is like for a person with a disability. Since the age of two, Corey has had Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type 2) and used a wheelchair. His traveling adventures began at a young age, and he has been committed to continuing this as he explores the world and experiences new cultures. On his blog, Lee said, “Seeing the culture and trying the new foods sparked something inside of me that made me want to see so much more of this big, wild, beautiful world of ours.”  

Lee’s supporters span seven continents, visiting his accessibility and travel blog, which he began in 2013. Lee has been honored with the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Blog two times and has been named the 2018 Person of the Year by New Mobility Magazine, to name a few of his accomplishments. In addition, he has been featured on TV segments, websites, and publications, including National Geographic, Forbes, and Lonely Planet. Lee not only inspires his readers but travels worldwide, speaking at conferences, sharing his insights, and motivating generations to travel. Lee’s blog takes readers through his adventures and life with specific travel tips and includes his personal bucket list. 


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Tampa, Florida 

Tampa, Florida is an important destination for wheelchair users to visit. There are many forms of accessible transportation, restaurants that make maneuvering in and out easy, and entertainment that is wheelchair accessible. Corey Lee has come up with 27 reasons to visit this city, covering a wide range of accessible, fun things to do and beautiful places to visit. Hit the Pirate Water Taxi for views of Tampa and accessible transportation across the water. You are bound to get hungry during your time there, and Goody Goody Burger has 12-inch pancakes that Lee wrote, “[are] the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten in my life.” Surprisingly, Jose Marti Park is owned by the people of Cuba, and you can visit without a passport. Sand, blue skies and oceans can be found at Clearwater Beach, where

Lee wrote that he used their powered beach wheelchair. Tampa has a cruise port that travels in Mexico and the Caribbean that you can plan to board in advance to see more ocean views. While in Tampa, you are not limited to remaining on the ground; iFly has accommodations for people with disabilities that are part of their All Abilities Night, where guests are able to feel as though they are flying through the air in wind tunnels. Through his numerous experiences, Lee shares other exciting reasons to visit a variety of other destinations. 

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