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Simply Emma

by: Alexandra Nava-Baltimore

Simply Emma is a disability and travel blog based out of the UK. In 2014, Emma Muldoon, a wheelchair user created this site and writes about her travel experiences, shares travel reviews and tips, and discusses accessibility. She began this blog to inspire others with and without disabilities to explore the world, travel, and showcase endless possibilities. Muldoon consistently works with brands worldwide to collaborate and showcase their products and causes on her blog. In 2019, Muldoon was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award. In addition, she writes for columns, publications and has begun campaigns, using her voice and experiences to help others. 

In Simply Emma, readers can find pieces on Muldoon’s travel experiences, personal stories, gigs, festivals, and lifestyle articles in addition to her live event reviews. Muldoon recently wrote “5 Deciding Factors When Booking an Accessible Hotel,” highlighting essential aspects of the planning and considerations needed when a person is traveling with a disability. “1 in 5 people is disabled,” Muldoon wrote, further emphasizing the importance for hotels to ensure their accessibility within all aspects of their spaces, including transportation, parking, travel through the hotel, entrances, hotel rooms, and lastly, the staff’s awareness.

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