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Save Our Youth, Curacao

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Ringo Harrigan, a young man on the island of Curacao, who loves nature, agriculture, art and music, remembers quite vividly when he first became interested in the lives of people with disabilities. He was only 16 years old working at a McDonald’s restaurant when a person with special needs came in on a wheelchair. From then on, he was moved to learn more and do something to improve their lives.

While Ringo and the Save our Youth Foundation he founded does their small part, he believes more can be done by those in authority on his island of Curacao to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. “They do have the same rights like everyone else. They have the right to participate in their community and their homes must be made accessible for them,” said Ringo. His organization’s goals are poverty reduction, empowerment of the youth and single mothers, supporting seniors, and improving the lives of the disabled on the island. Much of the programs run by this organization, which was started in 2009, is funded out-of-pocket by Ringo.

Save Our outh Foundation in Curacao