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Kervin André, Haitian Artist

Man with a painting of an ice cream vendor
Painting of the meeting of natives and the army

His art work displays an acute sense of pride and social responsibility. 
He credits his intellectual curiosity to his father and his strength and resilience to his mother. All of his subjects depict strength, resilience and hope. Kervin spends countless amount of time researching his subjects as he dives into each piece. He draws inspiration from everything around him. However, all of his art is focused on uplifting and realizing the power of who we are as a people.

“My art is a testament of the social injustices going on in the world today, especially those affecting the Black community.”

After renovations, the old port of Jaffa now teems with life and activity. It houses several bookstores, cafés, nightclubs and more.

Painting of a mother kissing her son on his forehead
Sculpture of a man blowing through a seashell