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Israeli president meeting a group of people
Yuval, Jamie and Rani meet President Rivilin of Israel
James Lassner

James (Jamie) Lassner
Executive Director Friends of Access Israel

Two girls participating in Feast of the Senses
I was introduced to James (Jamie) Lassner by a mutual friend, Howard Blas. It did not take long to realize that we had a lot in common and that Jamie is really a super nice person with a kind heart. I knew that it was the beginning of what I believe will be a lifelong friendship and as we spoke more with each other, on Zoom, of course, I learned more about him. And, I also knew that I wanted to share his story with the Melange audience. You will understand why after you read this Question and Answer piece with Jamie.
Fred Maahs, Jr.
Tourists in a tour of Israel
Access Israel pre-convention accessible tour
Morning merriment on Mount Kilimanjaro
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Hiking the hills of Jerusalem with Paratrek
Accessible together at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro