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Chris Kaag is a warrior. He grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania and moved to Canton, Ohio and went to Penn State Berks Campus, majoring in Business and Marketing. Following in the footsteps of his grandpa, uncle, and his father, he joined the Marines when he was 17. He credits the Marines for defining what he is now able to do.

It’s obvious that Kaag is no stranger to challenges, as a veteran and as a civilian. And many veterans continue to face challenges long after their service, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), dealing with the loss of life of close friends, and especially getting acclimated back into civilian life. It can also be difficult for someone like Chris who now has a physical difference. Many try to “feel” or “be” like they were before they suffered an injury or disability. The loss of independence can be difficult to accept. Veterans in the United States are fortunate that the government has programs and services in place to help with their needs after services, especially when they are injured or suffer a disability. While there is much room for improvement in these services, many countries provide little or no support to veterans once they have served.

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