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Carrie-Ann Lightley

Social media influencers are in bountiful supply but Blogger, Carrie-Anne Lightley believes that Disabled Travel Bloggers [are] More Than Influencers. “. . . what about the bloggers and influencers . . . who . . . offer a real wealth of knowledge to their readers and followers? . . . I’m a disabled travel blogger, and I think what we give to our readers is pretty unique. . . .”she said.

Sassy Wyatt

Without a doubt, many people would think that a blind person cannot surf. But they can! Sassy a blogger in the UK who is blind, rode the waves at Cornwall and enjoyed every minute of it. She shares her surfing adventure in her blog post

Ted Tahquechi

Ted combines his love for photography and travel in his blog where he focuses on travel destinations, travel providers and assistive travel technology. Although he has been almost completely blind since 1999, his passion for landscape and travel photography has not waned. In his review of Yellowstone National Park, he said, “The amazing beauty of this park is something that should be experienced by everyone, regardless of their visual acuity in my opinion . . .”

Amar Latif

“The blind guy who wants to show you the world” 
He has devoted his life to traveling the globe and helping others who are blind or sighted to experience this too.

Marlene Valle

 What should have been a beautiful evening for deaf blogger, Marlene and her boyfriend, Jason, watching the sunset at Crater Lake National Park, capturing photos to memorialize it all, then heading home, turned into the scariest experience of their lives!

Ed Rex

Rex wants to inspire fellow deaf people so they will feel comfortable about traveling. With his blog, he hopes to raise deaf awareness amongst the travel community while sharing some of his favourite travel destinations, providing advice for deaf travellers and above all else, helping to share the stories of some amazing deaf people who are traveling the world!

Jennifer Allen

In Jennifer Allen’s blog, she aims to create an inclusive world where every child and family can explore the world without limitations. “We love to inspire and enable families with disabilities to get out and explore, while raising disability awareness along the way!” she said. In her blog, Budget Travel for Special Needs Families, she shares:  “. . . many of these budget travel hacks will apply to any family, but some are specific to disabilities or special needs… and some are just more needed by families in those categories!”


Nicky, from England, refers to herself as,  “a traveller, a historian, and a wannabe thrill-seeker who is reconquering the world one step at a time.”  She is not allowing her anxiety to prevent her from experiencing and enjoying travel. One of her suggestions is to identify what is making you anxious. She offers 13 life-changing tips on how to overcome pre-trip anxiety

Katie Oswald

Travel is therapeutic and can transform your life!”  Katie said. She is on the autism spectrum and has traveled to 18 countries on all 7 continents. “Stress of airports and flying is a common theme that comes up when I talk with fellow autistic travelers . . .”


Marika is a traveler from California, who was born with a degenerative neurological condition called ataxia. With her travel blog, she hopes to be a “source of travel inspiration and information to show people that even those with limitations can travel.” In addition to travel tips and resources, she shares travel guides, itineraries, and unique experiences that people with and without limitations will find interesting. Is Argentina on your travel bucket list? It may be after seeing Marika’s 33 Photos that will convince you to visit beautiful Ushuaia, Argentina

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren loves to travel, and as she describes it, “I have itchy feet”. She is British but has lived in nine countries. Although living with ulcerative colitis and arthritis, Jenny does not let this keep her from discovering the world. Read about her experience in Rwanda.

Carrie McLaren

Carrie is a wealth of travel knowledge and experience having worked in the industry for many years. She is also a travel writer whose work has graced the pages of many publications. In this blog post, she speaks about her daughter, Molly: Why I Want My Daughter With Down Syndrome To Travel. “Just because Molly has Down syndrome doesn’t mean she should be limited in her experiences . . .” Carrie said.

Carrie-Ann Lightley

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel with a family member with special needs? Walking with Grace has been the greatest secret to traveling.

Emma Muldoon

Simply Emma is a disability and travel blog based out of the U.K. In 2014, Emma Muldoon, a wheelchair user, created this site where she writes about her travel experiences, shares travel reviews and tips, and discusses accessibility. She began this blog to inspire others with and without disabilities to explore the world, travel, and showcase endless possibilities. 

John Morris

America is re-opening! The Center for Disease Control updated its face mask guidance for fully vaccinated people, and masks are no longer required in most environments. States are reopening and travel is back! In this blog post, John Morris shares 10 Wheelchair Accessible Places to Visit Once You’re Fully Vaccinated


Melanie loves to travel and her accessible journeys are documented in her blog which she uses to provide helpful advice for other disabled travelers. Diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy at 4 years old, and as time progressed, having to use a wheelchair which she says, “became my best friend over the years,” Melanie was determined to travel the world, “as long as my health would allow it.” She said, “I have a restless traveler’s heart and love to discover new places all around the world.  Travel with her and explore Wheelchair Accessibility of Mont Saint Michel

Mrunmaiy Abroal

The Taj Mahal is one of the few places where there are are multiple ramps so a wheelchair  user can navigate unassisted. Mrunmaiy shares her experience Wheeling through the Taj Mahal

Retirement Travelers

They share about how “We sold everything to travel the world” and Bringing a Big Guide Dog on an Airplane: