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A Mélange conversation with the European Network for Accessible Tourism(ENAT) President, Annagrazia Laura

European Network for Accessible Tourism(ENAT)

Annagrazia Laura

ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism was founded in 2008, as a Belgian non-profit association, which promotes accessibility to tourism for the benefit of all citizens. ENAT began as an EU-funded pilot project which had the aim to mainstream the concept and consideration of accessible tourism and disability issues.

It was established by a number of organisations and individuals whose common goal was to make tourism accessible for all.

These included:

  • EWORX S.A., Athens, Greece
  • Fundación ONCE, Madrid, Spain
  • Vzw Toegankelijkheidsbureau, Hasselt, Belgium
  • Association National pour le Logement des personnes Handicapées asbl, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • VisitBritain, London, UK
  • Tourism for All in Sweden, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Work Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland
  • Ministry of Tourism, Athens, Greece
  • Disability Now, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • ATHLA Onlus, Italy
  • Turismo do Centro, Portugal