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A Mélange Conversation with Rebekah Bundesen

President of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality

A smiling girl in a wheelchair
To young, aspiring professionals with disabilities, Rebekah says:
“NEVER devalue yourself, not even on the inside

When an employer ‘accommodates you’, this IS a legal requirement and NOT an excuse to pay you less or deny you benefits

Negotiate during the hiring process!”

MÉLANGE: How challenging is it for you as a  professional in Corporate America, being female and having a disability?

REBEKAH: It is challenging, but I find that I am a bit more resilient to barriers than some other demographics because I am a female and, I haven’t always had a good income. I’m used to doors slamming in my face.

I still have issues remembering that I am disadvantaged. Doctors have ignored my pain many times, some to the point where I would have organ damage. I learned to be extra bold when describing my pain and not taking no for an answer. Even though I am in the medical field and have a good position, I am still subject to this type of treatment.