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A Conversation with Connor Long Actor, Advocate, and Athlete

Connor Robert Long
You’ve probably seen Connor Long, in a movie, or on the Red Carpet, or perhaps on a stage advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. At nearly 27 years old, he’s already made a name for himself in Hollywood and in the lives of countless people with disabilities and their families. Connor is talented, smart, funny, insightful, and he happens to have Down syndrome. I first met Connor and his family when he was being honored for his work as an actor with a disability and as an advocate for people with disabilities during the Annual Convention for The Arc in 2016. The Arc is a national organization here in the United States that provides programs and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In a recent “Zoom” interview with Connor and his father, Brian, we quickly picked up where we left off several years ago – acknowledging the progress that has been made with laws and programs for people with disabilities and recognizing there is still a lot of work to be done.”
Fred Maahs Jr
Fred Maahs, Jr:
Connor Long with his sister and parents
Connor Long with his parents and sister
Connor Robert Long in his high school graduation
Connor Robert Long High School Graduation
Courage Classic Colorado
Connor and Brian Courage Classic Colorado
Connor Robert Long in Sundance World Premier
Connor Robert Long as best actor
Connor Robert Long in Moscow
I enjoyed my entire conversation with Connor and Brian. They are father and son, actor and manager, advocates, and friends. And we are fortunate to have them on the frontlines of standing up for the rights of people with disabilities everywhere. Thank you, Connor and Brian! We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the both of you.
Fred Maahs Jr
Fred Maahs, Jr: