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Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, and ranks among the top three most populous metropolitan areas. .
On St. Eustatius, you will find yourself at one with nature within an environment of comfortable simplicit.

Acre, Akko in Hebrew, or Akkā in Arabic is a coastal city in the Northwestern Israel located north of Haifa Bay (formerly, Bay of Acre).

Israel’s main wine-producing regions are: Shomron region, Galilee, Negev Desert , the Judean Hills and the Samson region.

Antwerp. The mere mention of this Belgian city’s name fills me with excitement. I am a true island girl and the Caribbean will always be

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus left his home in Nazareth and embarked on an arduous journey.He eventually arrived at the lake side fishing village of Capernaum by the 

It was a Wednesday afternoon when I drove up to this remote location on Aruba. I followed the voice on my Google Maps until I reached

If you like sunshine and the sea, then Eilat is the destination for you! Located at the southern-most tip of Israel with the Red Sea bordering Egypt